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Independent Study; Home School

If you are home schooled, work better independently, cannot attend school due to illness or extracurricular commitments, wish to take an extra class, or want to re-take a subject to improve your grade, our tutors can help you earn course credit.

While the terms independent study and home schooling are often used interchangeably, we have clarified the differences below. Whether working through your school district, on your own curriculum, or through a private education program, our tutors can help your student achieve his or her best.

Tutors For Independent Study

Independent study is an alternative instructional strategy – not an alternative curriculum – offered by school districts. Students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of a credentialed teacher. While independent study students follow the district-adopted curriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, independent study offers flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning.

Our tutors can help this student understand new concepts, structure their work, master materials, and prepare for tests.

Tutors For Home School

Home schooling is an educational option in which the parents assume the responsibility for educating their children at home, typically using a curriculum different from what is available in public school districts. There is a continuum of home schooling approaches from a format that resembles the structured classroom environment to a curriculum that encourages children to pursue their own interests.

As with independent study, our tutors work with your student to master material. Tutors with experience in curriculum development are also available to deliver a truly unique learning experience to your home-schooled student.

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