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Regional Resources

San Francisco Bay Area

Center for Developing Minds. The Center for Developing Minds, located in Los Gatos, is a specialty clinic devoted to developmental and behavioral pediatrics. The Center for Developing Minds provides care for children and young adults who struggle at school due to behavioral, social cognitive and neurodevelopmental variations. Tel: 408.358.1853.

Parents Helping Parents. PHP is a 28-year-old nonprofit, family resource center that benefits children with special needs. PHP’s extensive local resource list contains detailed information about organizations, programs and groups to help you determine the most appropriate services for your child and family.

The Pratt Center. The Pratt Center, located in Los Altos, specializes in educational and psychological evaluations, educational advocacy and school placement assistance. They work with students facing anxiety, depression, Asperger’s disorder, autism, oppositional behavior, attentional problems (ADD / ADHD), and learning disabilities (reading, writing and math).

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