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Homework for Parents. Really!

Sounds crazy, but parents of students in Damion Frye’s ninth-grade Montclair, NJ, English class have homework too. The New York Times writes about assignments that range from commentary on a Franz Kafka story to Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” to a speech by Robert F. Kennedy. And if the dog eats your homework, it could [...]

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Breaking Through the ‘Motivation Brick Wall’

Richard Lavoie, educator and author, talks to USA Today about how to motivate kids. “The most important thing parents and teachers need to do is to keep in mind the balance between what I call support and challenge. You need to constantly challenge kids. But you need to give them the support to meet those [...]

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Parents & Teens Talking More*

O, to be a skeptic. “The family meal may be threatened with extinction but ‘High-Tech’ parents are now communicating much better with their teenagers and giving them more freedom, says child psychologist Richard Woolfson.” The article, from Reuters, claims that because it’s easier for parents to contact their kids — by email, internet, webcam and [...]

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